What’s actually happening with housing prices?

Gavin Hamilton

Published 2 months ago

Feeling confused about what's happening to housing prices? You're not alone, there are multiple pricing metrics and *a lot* of conflicting information out there. This page explains:

- The differences in reporting metrics (and how they're calculated)
- An overview of what "housing crashers" need to happen in order for prices to drop
- A snapshot of the new construction market (& addressing the question about whether or not that will over-saturate the housing market)
- Why inventory remains low (& why it's supporting prices)
- Why housing experts say this market is nothing like 2008's

Excerpts from posts at http://www.mortgagereels.com:

"With all the talk about a possible recession a common question we’re getting is what impact that would have on housing prices. The assumption most people make is that a recession will lead to a housing crash, due to their memories of the Housing Crisis of 2008-2009. But if you look back over time 2008 was very much an outlier compared to other recessions – in most cases the housing market remained flat or even slightly appreciated during recessionary periods..." (full article with infographics here: http://mortgagereels.com/2022/08/27/what-happens-to-housing-prices-in-recessions-and-what-happened-in-2008/)

"We’re going to gloss over the 'fuzzy math' in the above tweet and focus on the question at hand: why did homeowners walk away in 2008, and would that same thinking cause homeowners to walk away if values dropped again? To start this off, it’s important to understand that values alone didn’t cause homeowners to walk away in 2008. Check out the first couple paragraphs from this article from February 2008...Like everything related to 2008, there’s a lot to unpack here. But in a few short sentences, it mentions three times the trigger to consider walking away was that the payments were about to spike..." (full article with infographics here: http://mortgagereels.com/2022/09/15/revisiting-2008-the-housing-crash-started-because-of-payments-not-prices/)

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